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This weekend I found myself at the Kukke Sri Subramanya temple which is about 2.5/3 hrs away from Mangalore in the state of Karnataka. A scenic drive through lush green forests & plantations of coconut,betel nut & rubber took us to this little temple town located in the beautiful Western Ghats range of Karnataka. Overlooking [...]


Manoribel “Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast” This is a famous Persian couplet by a sufi mystic, poet, composer and musician Amir Khusro belonging to the medieval period which means…… “IF THERE IS PARADISE ON EARTH, IT IS THIS, IT IS THIS, IT IS THIS ” He was referring [...]

Math Madness ! ! !

How is it that old childhood fears never leave us ? ? ? I used to be really bad at Math . . Barely scraped through the ICSE exams with 46 marks . .that too after many tuitions & prayers to God by my parents I’m sure . I took pride in the fact that [...]