Author: Manasi Joshi Roy

  • Om Gan Ganpateye Namah

    Om Gan Ganpateye Namah

    Growing up in a Gujarati Brahmin household HIS presence was always there in my life. But the moment we both connected was in 1992. That was the year I met & fell in love with the man who is my husband today. And as we stood together doing Aarti at his aunt’s house ;Like any […]

  • My most intimate travel tales

    My most intimate travel tales

    She’s called Ms Google. But the actor agrees it’s the unplanned moments that are the most memorable of them all What is travel? To me it is a series of images in my head strung together by gossamer threads of memories… The sound of a string quartet at Covent Garden, the fragrance of lavender flowers […]

  • Manasi Joshi Roy’s Sri Lankan adventure

    Manasi Joshi Roy’s Sri Lankan adventure

    Just a short hop over the Palk Strait, Sri Lanka feels both familiar and different If you’re going to get mythological about it, then Sri Lanka is likely the Lanka from the Ramayana – though some scholars do speculate that Ravana’s kingdom was actually somewhere near the Maldives. Which of these speculations will turn out […]

  • Happy Fathers Day 

    Happy Fathers Day 

    As posted  on The Quint Blog Dear Papa, Thank you for teaching me about gender equality way before it became fashionable to do so. Thank you for teaching me about it, but not because it was politically correct to do so. Thank you for teaching me about it through example. You and Mummy led that life, […]

  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall

    Mirror Mirror on the Wall

    ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ is ruling my life again and I realise I’ve been looking into the mirror far too many times. After nearly a decade I’m back in front of the arc lights! And as the sound of ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ once again permeates my life I realise that I have been looking into the […]

  • Taj Mahal

    Taj Mahal

    I was in Agra over the weekend for a shoot & I experienced a different kind of Agra … primarily because I did not go to see the Taj Mahal or rather, I didn’t get a chance to visit it because by the time we’d pack up it would be past 5pm & they shut […]

  • How I became a Pokemon Go Fan & decided to Phub the Planet

    My blog in The Quint on my obsession with Pokemon Go & Phubbing 🙂 test 400

  • Who made God ? And who made the Terrorist??

    Who made God ? And who made the Terrorist??

    Who made God ?And who made the Terrorist ??? Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, the memory keeper for victims of Nazi persecution, and a Nobel laureate who used his moral authority to force attention on atrocities around the world, died at the age of 87 on July 2nd 2016 at his home in New York. He […]

  • Whose Life is it Anyway

    I’ve now started blogging for The Quint & this is my latest blog in memory of Aruna Shanbaug & as an appeal to the law makers of our country to legalise euthanasia. steroids australia

  • Dine in the Dark

    Dine in the Dark

    I’ve had what can be best described as one of the most overwhelming experiences of my life !I just dined in the dark & it opened my eyes … Albeit temporarily to a world where you can’t see anything. So what is dining in the dark ? Dark dining takes place in a dark restaurant […]