Just another Hallmark Holiday?

I’m confused ! Do I like Valentines Day or not ???

When one was young & in college it seemed really romantic. Valentines Day was a special day & you wanted to celebrate it because it meant getting to know how special you were !
But as one grew older & wiser (or so you delude yourself into thinking ) you realize that its just another Hallmark holiday !

So I started scoffing at this whole mushy, cheesy affair. And decided it was above me to celebrate this day & started intellectualizing the whole thing by saying ” I don’t need Valentines Day to celebrate Love , we celebrate love everyday ”

Humbug I say now !
Why ?

Well yesterday i.e.13/2/13 my mom in law ( hereunto referred as MIL ) came up to me saying “Can you please find me some Valentines day quotes on the net ?”. She was helping my 7 year old niece with her homework assignment which involved writing a little poem on Valentines Day (hereunto referred to as V Day ) as well as getting some quotes together . MIL had already written a sweet little poem & as I read it I couldn’t help but smile & think to myself if she can be soo romantic at her age why had I let cynicism set into me ?

Anyways I set to work & as I trolled the Internet for V Day quotes , that warm mushy feeling from a time long forgotten insidiously crept into me ๐Ÿ™‚ One particularly sweet quote, I actually saved in a note for myself , not quite sure as to why I was doing so . . .

Like a dutiful daughter in law I did my job & gave the MIL 6 child friendly quotes on love without knowing the impact it had on my heart !!!

Today i.e. 14/2/13 was Valentines Day .
On the stroke of 12 the husband who was out called to wish me Happy Valentines Day & I promptly send him that little quote I had saved for myself . He I’m sure was quite surprised to receive it ๐Ÿ™‚

Then in the morning my sister in law told me about how she took flowers for my brother & I thought how sweet:)
So after finishing some work as I headed home I bought red roses & gave them to my husband,my daughter,my MIL & all my house help !

You see how Love works ???
Slowly & insidiously it crept in & made me celebrate a Hallmark Holiday ๐Ÿ™‚ Yikes !!!!
Hallmark wins ! Or is it Love that won ?

I don’t know & I don’t care , cause I’m happy ๐Ÿ™‚
Happy enough to share this sweet & cheesy picture of ours ( very sweetly made by one of Rohit’s fans ).


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