This,That and the Other

In the good old days before Facebook,Twitter,bbm & what have you’s took over our lives ….if you were the self expressive sorts who liked to pen down your thoughts you’d write a diary & then guard it zealously from everyone … Because that’s what diaries were meant to be .. Secret !

But now it’s become almost mandatory for everyone to “express” themselves & that too publicly !

So whether you have a thought for the day or not … Write you must … Cause you have to update your bbm status, put out 140 characters on twitter & make sure something cool happens to you so that you can put up a picture & write about it on Facebook . So they write the ridiculous sometimes … Like what they ate … Or they try the sublime by quoting the Dalai Lama or Paulo Coelho or  maybe even retweeting Mr Bachchan’s thoughts if they’re film buffs.

I have to admit I’m guilty of some of the above … But I try not to say anything on Twitter till I really have something interesting to say & on Facebook I’m largely a voyeur ! I love reading all the stuff that everyone puts out & seeing their pictures . And after that I feel  like my life is very boring ….. So then I go on bbm & put up a picture & change my status message everyday (sometimes 2/3 times) & then I feel alright 🙂

And nowadays everyone seems to be blogging ! There are blogs on every conceivable subject from cooking & travel to more esoteric stuff . I follow some blogs of people I know ,like Maria (Goretti) who writes about food & her experiences … Very nice … I can almost taste the food & hear her laughter . Then the one just started by my friend & fellow school mum Shunali (Shroff) . She used to be a journalist earlier & has a great sense of humor so her blogs are usually funny & witty .

Couple of others on books like Unputdownables & Reading on a rainy day .

And I enjoy reading all of them & I seem to be drawn into their world .. Almost as if I’m reading their diary .

One day my Mom , who’s not very net savvy but getting there shortly ( She’s just opened a Facebook account … Mr. Zuckerberg , I bet you never knew how popular your FB would get!! ) asked me “what’s this blog thing ? ” I said , Mom it’s like a diary .

Since I seem to enjoy reading other people’s diaries (blogs) & since I’ve always wanted to write like my father does (he writes plays ) I have decided to enter the world of public self expression & write my very own blog 🙂

I’m planning to call it ‘This,that & the other ‘ which is pretty self explanatory & will allow me to basically write about whatever I feel like … I love food & I love reading & traveling … So basically this & sometimes other stuff like religion & politics ! Nah I’m just kidding .

It’s my little world & my thoughts about it & I hope you enjoy reading it .

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