Just another Hallmark Holiday?

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I’m confused ! Do I like Valentines Day or not ???

When one was young & in college it seemed really romantic. Valentines Day was a special day & you wanted to celebrate it because it meant getting to know how special you were !
But as one grew older & wiser (or so you delude yourself into thinking ) you realize that its just another Hallmark holiday !

So I started scoffing at this whole mushy, cheesy affair. And decided it was above me to celebrate this day & started intellectualizing the whole thing by saying ” I don’t need Valentines Day to celebrate Love , we celebrate love everyday ”

Humbug I say now !
Why ?

Well yesterday i.e.13/2/13 my mom in law ( hereunto referred as MIL ) came up to me saying “Can you please find me some Valentines day quotes on the net ?”. She was helping my 7 year old niece with her homework assignment which involved writing a little poem on Valentines Day (hereunto referred to as V Day ) as well as getting some quotes together . MIL had already written a sweet little poem & as I read it I couldn’t help but smile & think to myself if she can be soo romantic at her age why had I let cynicism set into me ?

Anyways I set to work & as I trolled the Internet for V Day quotes , that warm mushy feeling from a time long forgotten insidiously crept into me 🙂 One particularly sweet quote, I actually saved in a note for myself , not quite sure as to why I was doing so . . .

Like a dutiful daughter in law I did my job & gave the MIL 6 child friendly quotes on love without knowing the impact it had on my heart !!!

Today i.e. 14/2/13 was Valentines Day .
On the stroke of 12 the husband who was out called to wish me Happy Valentines Day & I promptly send him that little quote I had saved for myself . He I’m sure was quite surprised to receive it 🙂

Then in the morning my sister in law told me about how she took flowers for my brother & I thought how sweet:)
So after finishing some work as I headed home I bought red roses & gave them to my husband,my daughter,my MIL & all my house help !

You see how Love works ???
Slowly & insidiously it crept in & made me celebrate a Hallmark Holiday 🙂 Yikes !!!!
Hallmark wins ! Or is it Love that won ?

I don’t know & I don’t care , cause I’m happy 🙂
Happy enough to share this sweet & cheesy picture of ours ( very sweetly made by one of Rohit’s fans ).



  1. Yup… Love begets love begets more love… And that’s how a good life is lived. Good on you for taking your cues from the universe and sharing your love 🙂

  2. Beautifully written as always Manasi, i agree with Chandni that love begets love. Love is the single most powerful emotion that makes the universe tick, be it romantic love, brotherhood, compassion for animals or love for our environment and the world we live in, where universal love encompasses all of these elements.

  3. Love doesn’t need a time or a reason. It’s a gesture to anyone including the ones we love to let them know that we care no rhyme or reason or season. To bring on a smile and to share a simple hello or a warm hug can be done everyday. Everyday is Valentine’s Day. These were made to remind us to make time for love. No love no life…
    So smile and pass love along….

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