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How is it that old childhood fears never leave us ? ? ?

I used to be really bad at Math . . Barely scraped through the ICSE exams with 46 marks . .that too after many tuitions & prayers to God by my parents I’m sure .

I took pride in the fact that I got 46 marks ! That was 11 marks more than the passing grade & I was done with Math for life . . I had already planned that I would take up Arts in College & never ever do a sum again in my life . Good riddance to the bane of my life .

But,as they say Man proposes & God disposes !

I got by without doing any Math throughout my college life but once I got married the onus of doing all the accounting,taxes,investment & banking became my duty . Partly because of my own obsession with organization & partly because my husband couldn’t be bothered with doing all these “clerical” duties as he called them !

I got along ok with all this”math work” till our daughter,Kiara grew up & started learning Math in school.I normally help her with homework & the minute Math was introduced into the curriculum my old fears returned ! I started doubting my ability to teach her & wondered if I would be able to continue for long . . . When should I get her the Math tuition teacher ?

Yet I somehow managed to get through the additions & subtractions OK. I even looked at multiplications & divisions in the eye & made mental math my friend.
Kiara also seemed to be doing pretty good in Math under my tutelage & I secretly kept thanking God that she wasn’t bad in Math like me. And,I have to admit that tackling Math as an adult wasn’t such a formidable task. Whilst teaching Kiara I had almost started feeling smug about the fact that actually I was good at Math, its just that I had never been taught properly & therefore developed a mental block against it, etc,etc . . .

That is until Geometry arrived !

One look at the different angles & the protractor & divider did me in . . All my new found love for Math vanished & I promptly told the husband that it was time he started teaching his daughter Math since he was soo good at it & I ran from the Geometry book .

But,Geometry was determined to not leave me alone. It taunted me me the the other day while I was reading a novel.One of the characters in it said he was “at the apex of an isosceles triangle ” and I was like what is that ? ? ?

That’s when I realised that if I had been teaching Kiara Geometry I would probably have known what it was . . So I have decided to conquer my fear of Geometry & I’ll be damned if I don’t ACUTEly know about every OBTUSE angle there ever was 🙂

So help me God ! ! !



  1. Wow Manasi u hav written abt the Maths fear so beautifully and also ur article said U R A SINCERE MOTHER…am so Glad u hav come over the Fear…and I believe we all have some fear when we are small..I used to always fear to b n darkness and to b alone and I have believed God gives u circumstances where u overcome ur fear to make U strong…Lovely..enjoyed reading U..keep writing Pls..unknowingly we learn so much from the other Person..much love to U kiara and Rohit

  2. Hi Mansi ma’m
    I m ur big fan n read ur blog just now. Actually I got to know about ur blog through tweet of Mr. Sony Nigam. I want to congratulate U for ur blog which is really nice…….especially the name. This particular topic is really close to my heart as my situation was also like U when I was a student. Now I have a daughter, Devyani, she is 4 years old n like U I have started teaching her. I m also waiting for that time when her real maths problems will start.
    Keep writing…..n all d best…..
    With lots of best wishes …….


  3. Very well written , you never forget your childhood and childhood friends, i was one of your husbands friend in xaviers

  4. Hiiii mam… i am truly agree with u…. i am also very poor in Maths in my childhood. When i always come 2 know that 2morrow is my maths exam “my sleep gone”. Other day when i got the paper all the formulas gone hey why. ( sab kuch bouncer ho jata tha). But at last in my 10th class exam I got 85 marks in maths out of 100. Us din tho aisa lga ki koi jung jeet li h khushi ka koi thikana nhi rha. After that i never fear about maths….. Thank God!!!!!

  5. Hi mansi, i shudder each day at the thought of even looking at my daughter ananya’s maths text book and i do admit i am partly to also be blamed at her non interest in the subject because its a question of DNA here per se still reading your article i think this term i am going to help her with it which might just make her score ten marks more in the future 😉 cheers!!

  6. It was same condition with me. But destiny of life is “The thing from which u start keeping distance, or avoid it– It never leaves your alone till your life.” Just what you have to do is make your weakness yiur strength…. 🙂

  7. Manasi

    Just came cross your blog and am enjoying your refreshingly honest thoughts. Keep these coming!

    Your Math woes strike a chord with me too. After years of running away from anything remotely Mathematical, in my ripe 40s, I underwent a career change & this time when I went to the Univ, there was no escaping the monster as I had to either dive into Accounting and Finance or forget about my dream for a flourishing career. So with all my strength, I took the plunge, hired myself a 20 something tutor and gratefully placed the responsibility of ‘making’ me pass every course on him. He must have been really desperate for $ because even after discovering my background knowledge was rudimentary, to say the least, he hung on and ensured that I got the bare minimum marks required. He gave on trying to light my fire for the subject, pretty fast though!

    Somethings don’t change – I still don’t know what I studied even the second time around! But it is all good….as always, I continue to keep myself away from any calculations etc….and happily ensure that those who do it, get the recognition due!

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